Kirsten Kunhardt

Sound editor
Sound designer

+49 1743317810
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Practising professionally since: 1986
Residence: Berlin

I was born in Berlin-Charlottenburg and after graduating from high school I started in post-production with dubbing and worked there for one of the alien films in 70mm format at the editing table. I was always interested in German productions and meanwhile I got the chance to learn editing assistance. In the 80/90s, sound editing developed seriously and this was the reason why I specialized in sound design. My work includes “Scherbentanz” by Chris Kraus, sound design for the popular feature film “Soweit die Füße tragen” up to “Jack” (Silver Lola for the best feature film). I mainly work for elaborate TV films, e.g. “Der Chinese”, filmed by Peter Keglevic, or “Brief an mein Leben” by Urs Egger. I have been working as a sound designer for 25 years now.

Own equipment: own studio

Languages: German (native speaker) | English (good)

  • Der namenlose Tag

Filmography (selection)

Der namenlose Tag | TV feature film | sound design | R: Volker Schlöndorf | P: Provobis Gesellschaft für Film und Fernsehen mbH | D | 2017

Ein Kind wird gesucht | TV feature film | sound design | R: Urs Egger | P: Lailaps Pictures GmbH | D | 2017

Jack | feature film | sound design | R: Edward Berger| P: Port au Prince Film & Kultur Produktion GmbH | D | 2013

Der Chinese | two-part TV feature film | sound design | R: Peter Keglevic | P: Lucky Bird Pictures (formerly Yellow Bird Pictures) | D | 2010

Soweit die Füsse tragen | feature film | sound design | R: Hardy Martins | P: Cascadeur Filmproduktion GmbH | D | 2000