Ivonne Gärber

Production sound mixer

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Practising professionally since: 1989
Residence: Berlin

Ivonne Gaerber

Ivonne Gärber was born in 1962 in Cologne and grew up in Wolfsburg. She studied journalism and Scandinavian studies at the Free University in Berlin. In 1987 she began a degree in Film Studies at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin. During this time she gained experience in a number of technical departments (e.g. as a camera assistant), but quickly ended up in the sound department. She became a professional in this field in 1989 as a sound assistant and sound engineer for feature and documentary films, as well as for current affairs reporting for ZDF. In 1994 she graduated from the DFFB with the feature film “Glück Wünsche”, and began working as a screenwriter, director and sound engineer. Since 1999 she has worked full-time as a sound engineer for various cinema and television projects, including feature and documentary films.
Since 2010 she has also been working as a lecturer, giving seminars in practical sound work and sound design.

Languages: German (native) | English (fluently) | Französisch (basic knowledge) | Schwedisch (basic knowledge)

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Filmography (selection)

Komm’ mit mir ins Cinema – Die Gregors  |  Kino-Dokumentarfilm  |  Tonmeisterin  |  Alice Agneskirchner  |  Ehrenmann und Agneskirchner Filmproduktion  |  D  |  2020

Spuren  | feature documentary | sound recordist | R: Aysun Bademsoy | P: Ma.ja.de. | D | 2019

Der Preis der Anna Lena Schnabel | TV documentary | sound recordist | R: Jan Bäumer | P: ZDF/3Sat | D | 2017

Honour | feature documentary |sound recordist | R: Aysun Bademsoy | P: Ma.ja.de. | D | 2010

Nur ein Sommer | feature film | sound recordist | R: Tamara Staudt | P: Razor Film Produktion | D | 2006

Die Ritterinnen | feature film |sound recordist | R: Barbara Teufel | P: Mediopolis Film – und Fernsehproduktion | D 2002